Tips for maintaining your window well this spring.

Spring is near and many of us can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the sun! And as we look to enjoying all the outdoors has to offer, most homeowners have a home maintenance list that they need to tend to as well.

This year we urge you to add window well maintenance to your list! Keeping a tidy window well can provide a host of benefits:

  • Keep critters and bugs out
  • Keep area around the home dry
  • Prevent damage to foundation, windows
  • Visually appealing
  • Prevent water damage

Performing window well maintenance takes no time at all and if you do this in the beautiful Spring sunshine, you might even enjoy it!

The drain tile of a window well is located on the floor at the bottom of the well. Simply reach into the drain and pull out debris. DO NOT try to plunge debris down the drain as this can cause clogging. If your window well doesn’t have a drain tile, you may want to consider adding one.

A large majority of issues with water build up around the edge of the house happens because of improper drainage of water off the roof.

Do you have decorative rocks, mulch, or other at the floor of your well? Spring is a great time to refresh the top layer!

Does your window well provide easy access to escape in case of fire and emergencies? Stair can be added to the inside wall of the window well or you can try one of our Egress Window Well Systems with the steps built in!

A properly fitted window well cover can make yearly window well maintenance a breeze. We design our covers to provide a great look, fit, and seal.

And when you’re done with your window well maintenance, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. You might have saved yourself some time and money by performing this simple upkeep!

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