Window wells and window well covers are an often-overlooked component of a home.  Over the years, the basement area has evolved from a functional food storage space to an actual living area, man cave or any kind of space that a homeowner dares to dream up.  Many home owners with finished basements also desire natural light to fill their spaces.  Fresh air and light in a basement add comfort to an otherwise musty space.  Window wells and egressed windows bring new life and functionality into a basement.  But once these devices are installed, the window well cover and its importance is often overlooked.


Why do I need a window well cover?


  1. Flooding/Leakage of water into the home. Snuggly fit window well covers prevent snow or rain accumulation in your windows wells.  Covers avert pools of water from draining or dripping into your home which can cause damage to the interior of your house.  Dirt may also shift with poor water drainage and pooling, causing ground around your wells to collapse.


  1. Pest Infestation. Insects and animals enjoy a cozy window well to place their nests in. The covers will help keep animals and insects from nesting near your home and causing damage.


  1. Safety. Children and pets are prone to stepping or falling into window wells or egressed window wells which may cause serious injuries.   Window well covers are important to keeping people and pets safe.


  1. Keep debris away from windows. Leaves, dirt, debris and unsightly weeds can end up in your uncovered window wells.  Unsightly landscaping may be an eye sore on its own, but the buildup of lawn debris can also cause damage to your windows.


  1. Easier cleaning to allow light into your basement. Without a window cover, hard rain can cause dirt inside your window well to splash up on your window causing less light to filter in.  Window well covers eliminate this problem and allow for easier above ground cleaning.


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