Thermoforming and Compression Molding Expertise

Shape Products® specializes in thermoforming and compression molding window wells and window well covers. We have nearly two decades of experience in thermoforming which allows us to understand your project scope and deliver the highest quality while meeting your needs. 

There are 7 thermoformers in our facility with a work area’s ranging from 120”x70” to 60”x30″.  Material types include polycarbonate, PET plastic, acrylic, polyethylene, and nylon. Our molds are created from ceramic, wood, or aluminum materials. All machines are also capable of water cooling the molds. The number of sheets we can run per day varies based on mold complexity and material, but we have done as many as 2,200 sheets a day per machine. Finishing the product can either be trimmed by hand or with our new CNC cutter that includes 8 clamping mechanisms for parts. Preferred method of finishing depends on requirements for each particular job. 

Shape Products® stays on the cutting edge of compression molding. There are 5 presses, ranging from 150 tons of force to 30 tons.  


  • Nearly two decades of experience
  • 120”x70” max platen size
  • Polycarbonate, PETG, Acrylic, Polyethylene, and nylon
  • Molds can be as simple as wood, or as complex as aluminum with liquid cooling
  • Machines each capable of producing 2,200 parts per day, depending on material and part complexity


  • 72” x 120” Frame size
  • 48” x 72” Frame size
  • 40” x 65” Frame Size
  • 68” x 78” Frame size


  • 5 presses
  • 2 presses with the footprint of 64”x35”x24”
  • 2 presses with the footprint of  72”x45”x46”
  • 1 press with the footprint of 110”x42”x30”
  • 150 tons to 30 tons of force
  • Molds are water cooled aluminum
  • Finishing is done by hand or with a CNC 



  • 30 ton press 34” x 64” with 24” opening
  • 200 ton 42” x 132” with 34” opening
  • 150 ton 38” x 48” with 20” opening
  • 150 ton 53” x 70” with 48” opening
  • 100 ton 53” x 70”with 48” opening
  • 100 ton 48” x 60” with 48” opening