Shape Products® is a custom fabricator of high quality glass products such as glass table tops, glass coffee table tops, glass end table tops and much more.

We offer many different glass choices with thickness ranging from 3/16″ to 3/4″. In addition to thickness options we also provide many different styles and patterns as well as the standard clear, bronze and grey. Custom sizes, edges and designs are available to suit our customers individual preference.

Shape Products prides itself with having the best glass and mirror team in the industry. Each job is meticulously hand cut by an experienced glass technician and utilizes only state-of-the-art equipment to polish, bevel, and custom design the edges.

Because glass is such a delicate product, our team provides an extra level of efficiency in its system by running all products/orders through a quality control program. Each order is QC (quality control) checked before it leaves our facility ensuring quality and accuracy.

Flat glass has a broad range of applications. It comes in various sizes and the use of a particular glass is determined by its thickness.
  •   1/8″ : 3.0mm
  •   3/16″ : 5.0mm
  •   1/4″ : 6.0mm
These glass sheet sizes are ideal for small to medium surfaces such as small table tops, light weight shelves, single pane windows and more.
  •   3/8″ : 10.0mm
  •   1/2″ : 12.0mm
  •   3/4″ : 19.0mm
These thickness sizes are recommended for heavy unsupported table tops, heavy glass shelves, glass partitions, hand rails and glass walls, glass doors, and shower doors.