Shape Products® specializes in custom fabrication of glass shelves. Glass shelves create beautiful modern aesthetics and blend in to home decor seamlessly. Our glass shelving optimize the beauty of interior spaces commonly seen in bathroom applications.

Shape Products® custom glass offerings allow our customers to be able to create their own desired display space for their favorite items. Glass shelves can be made to fit various configurations such as corners, insets, flat walls, or even curved walls.

Shape Products® offers many different glass choices with thickness ranging from 3/16″ to 3/4″. In addition to thickness options we also provide many different styles and patterns as well as the standard clear, bronze and grey. Custom sizes, edges and designs are available.

Flat glass has a broad range of applications. It comes in various sizes and the use of a particular glass is determined by its thickness.
  •   1/8″ : 3.0mm
  •   3/16″ : 5.0mm
  •   1/4″ : 6.0mm
These glass sheet sizes are ideal for small to medium surfaces such as small table tops, light weight shelves, single pane windows and more.
  •   3/8″ : 10.0mm
  •   1/2″ : 12.0mm
  •   3/4″ : 19.0mm
These thickness sizes are recommended for heavy unsupported table tops, heavy glass shelves, glass partitions, hand rails and glass walls, glass doors, and shower doors.