“I can’t sell it if I don’t believe in it.” This has been my approach since I started in sales nearly 20 years ago. Does the product deliver on its promises? Where does it stand against other quality products in the industry? Is it easy to use? These are some of the questions I set out to answer during the development process of the Durawell Egress Window Well System.

To answer these questions, we put the Durawell through an arduous series of tests and other “checks and balances” to ensure that it was ready for homeowners and our partners.


We tested Durawell by placing it in a concealed box and back-filling it with water. Water is extremely dense and therefore puts maximum pressure on the outside walls of the system. Durawell withstood 7,500 lbs. of pressure (the maximum our testing box could hold) and looked great.

Quality Control

Shape Products developed a detailed Quality Control process for fiberglass products. Every single unit is checked prior to being available for purchase.

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Equipped with information from our testing and quality checks, we felt confident that we could now get some Durawell units in the field. So I traded in my polo shirt for some “hard-work attire” and joined a Shape Products Partner/Installer on one of the first installations of Durawell. This was the final assurance that I needed to feel confident that Durawell was ready to set the bar for fiberglass egress window wells.

We performed these installations as a two-man team and installed 3 Durawell units in one day. This was my first window well installation and I can PROMISE you we were not exactly delicate with these wells. In fact, if I’m being fully transparent here, we kicked the hell out of them. It was the only way that I could ensure that Durawell would be able to endure the rigors that it may face in the field.

Under development, the property was covered in an extremely fine sand that made excavation a challenge (to say the least.) Almost every time we thought we had the needed space excavated the sand subsequently caved in, which cause us to finish off each hole with shovels.

In terms of fill, we used absolutely zero rock. We back-filled using the fine sand from the property which put maximum pressure on each unit. And even as a two-man team we cut no corners. A tractor was used to push the sand up to the hole (once the unit was installed) and we shoveled in the back-fill from that point. We tamped the dirt with every 2′ feet of sand filled until we reached the desired height.

The homeowner inspected upon completion and was extremely happy with their new window wells. So happy that they sent me pictures after I arrived back at the office the next day.

Since the soft launch of Durawell, there have been 25-30 installations and the feedback has been 100% positive. Homeowners love the beautiful Sandstone finish while installers appreciate Durawell for its durability and ease-of-use.

As for me, all of my questions have been put to rest and I’m very proud and excited to announce that Durawell has passed all testing and is ready for regular distribution. A sizing availability and product details chart can be found on the Durawell product page.

And finally, Matt Baker and I are ready to schedule some appointments and help you get the newest, best fiberglass window well in your hands. If you would like to see a Durawell unit or are interested in viewing our water-box testing, call us or email today.

I believe in Durawell.

Durawell Literature

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