General Questions

What are your product warranties?

Shape Products takes pride in the quality and workmanship of our products. Many of our products are warranted up to 7 years. The warranty includes defects in materials and workmanship.

What’s your return policy?

We do not control retail return policy to any Shape Products® authorized dealer. In many cases returns may be accepted, however, a restocking fee may apply. Please check with your local retailer.

Window Well Questions

How do I determine the correct size?

In order to determine the correct size cover needed, two measurements are necessary, width & depth. First, measure the width between the outside edges of the window well at the point nearest the house foundation. Then, measure the depth from the foundation to the outer front edge of the window well. To see an illustration of this, please see the sizing instructions on our Custom Window Well Covers page.

How do I determine the correct shape?

Egress window wells are typically U-Shaped or Rectangular. The U-Shaped cover has wide radius corners and the shape resembles a “U”. The Rectangular cover has smaller radius corners and therefore the shape is rectangular or square by design. Heavy-arched covers are less common and have a bell-shaped appearance. They are wide at the back and narrow at the front side of the well. To see an illustration of this, please see the sizing instructions on our Custom Window Well Covers page.

Do you make custom sized window well covers?

Yes we do! Custom covers are made of our strongest Polycarbonate plastic with heavy duty aluminum L-channel back bar and support bracing. The maximum size cover is 166” wide x 51” deep. Custom shapes or corners can be achieved with customer supplied templates and photographs. To learn more about our Custom Window Well Covers, click here. 

Do you make custom above grade bubble style covers?

No. Bubble style covers are only available in pre-molded sizes. Bubbles are designed to fit traditional sized window wells with above grade inset windows. Bubble covers typically attach to the siding extending beyond the width and depth of the well to create a “helmet” over the well keeping out debris, animals and the elements.

Is mounting hardware included with bubble covers?

Due to the many variables associated with mounting bubble type covers, we do not include mounting hardware.

Are egress bubbles available?

Yes. Shape has developed one domed egress cover. It measures 53″ wide by 38″ deep and allows for windows up to 14″ above the window well. This is currently our only egress dome and is made to fit wells 50-53″ wide by 36-38″ deep. The model number is 5338DOME. To learn more about these products, click here.

How much weight will egress covers support?

Our 38” deep, large egress polycarbonate covers will support up to 400lbs. The 26” medium egress polycarbonate covers will support up to 250lbs. Traditional circular and elongated polycarbonate covers will support up to 100lbs.